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Rainy season’s solace

‘Rainy season’s solace’- this phrase is as calming as the actual experience. Everyone has their own experiences and perspectives about rain. Some may find rain soothing and a happy time to cherish, but for some people, they may have a not-so-good time. This is all  about my experience of rainfall. And yes, at the end, you would feel the solace within you.  It is a quite delightful time for me. When the rain starts pouring, I leave all my stress and sit  in my balcony, enjoying the view and the soothing rhythm of rain fall. It suddenly becomes a  comfortable environment that I snug up into my beanbag and read a book while eating  some fresh meal. I even wear some cozy clothes to keep me warm. Sometimes, I get lost in  the beauty of nature.  After rains, when I step out of my house to get some fresh air, the fragrance of soil attracts  me everywhere, whereas the flowers bloom in fresh gardens. Cool breeze blows on my face  and the leaves glisten with droplets. It becomes a soothing envir